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blogravatarI am a librarian in Northern California, with a passion for working with young families to create home literacy environments and a supportive community for growing children. I am creative by nature and education, have an art degree and I am experienced in a variety of arts and crafts mediums. I am a slimly published author and blogger and have taught creative writing to adults and worked as a freelance editor and copy writer.  I abhor shoes in the summertime, am adamant about real food, baked goods and organic produce and will occasionally wear flowers in my hair.  I have been referred to as a hippie not just a few times in my life. Despite being tagged as such, I have old-fashioned sensibilities about food, learning, living and growing-up. I am a firm believer in love, family, community and life-long learning for all.

The Bohemian Librarian blog was begun as a project for my Children’s Programming and Services class at San Jose State University in the Fall of 2014. At the time of the blog’s inception I lived in Contra Costa County, which is in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. My desire was to relocate to Sonoma County in the North Bay (close to the Bohemian Highway–hence, the name of the blog) and live and work as a librarian there. Therefore, some of the planning and programming ideas are a mix of resources and ideas from both Contra Costa County as well as Sebastopol in the Sonoma County Library System. I have a passion for reading, books and creative learning for kids. It is my desire as a librarian and a parent to encourage a life-long love of reading—reading for pleasure and reading for information and knowledge.

Since the blog’s inception, I have moved to the northwestern part of Sonom County, close to the Bohemian Highway and the Russian River. In the Fall of 2016, I enrolled in an Early Childhood Literacy class and chose to use this same blog for my coursework. It is my hope to continue adding to this blog as I begin my work with children and families in public libraries.


1 thought on “About Me

  1. I think the blog is fantastic and there are so many ways to keep it alive after the class ends. Just a great bunch of resources presented in an engaging way.


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