thumbs_DUKE p22-23June:
At the beginning of June, the library will kick off its Summer Reading Program with the theme ‘Read to the Rhythm.’ When kids sign up, they will get a free book and a reading log to keep track of some of the favorite books that they read over the summer. As kids fill their book logs (10-12 entries per log, listing author and title) they will be able to post the log on the library wall. During the summer, kids can read each other’s logs and get ideas for what they want to read next. Kids will also have the option to write a brief book review and post it on the wall as well. A library staff member will compile the titles from the book logs and post lists ‘as suggested by library patrons’ on the library’s website and Facebook pages. Selected book reviews will also be posted with permission.

thumbs_BlackClarinetThis summer reading program is built around the love of reading, the exploration and adventure it offers and the enjoyment of sharing what you read. No prizes or further incentives will be offered—reading and the story and learning the information is the reward. Passes to local museums and a book will be given to every child as they sign up–at the beginning of the program. They are encouraged to read that book and share other titles that they have enjoyed. By posting their reading logs and reviews other kids, parents and caregivers can enjoy the benefits of recommendations. I think that word of mouth from one’s peers is how most books get recommended, and since kids don’t read or rely on the New York Times Bestseller List, the children’s department at the local library seems like a excellent place to look for their next good read.

One afternoon at the beginning of June, to celebrate the beginning of our Summer Reading Program ‘Read to the Rhythm’, the library will host an exciting afternoon with Bronkar’s Circus of Sound. All ages are welcome, though because this is likely to be a loud, lively and popular event, the performance will take place in the Community Theatre across the street from the library. This event is presented in cooperation with the Town of Danville.

The library will host a Toddler and Preschool Music Morning with One Heart Music. Join us for a special Summer Reading Program event for the youngest library patrons. One Heart Music teacher, George, will share songs, musical instruments and fun finger plays to help youngsters learn and grow in their passion for music. This event is best for children ages 0-6 and will be held in the children’s area on a Saturday morning at 11am.

Bring one of your animal buddies to the library for a stuffed-animals-only Stuffed Animal Sleepover and Jam—Jammin’ in Jammies night of dancing and silliness. Drop off your critter (make sure it’s not the special buddy you need to sleep with) by 6pm on Wednesday night and join us the following morning at 9:30 am (pajamas optional for the human set) for brunch. See what kind of hijinks your fuzzy friends got up to while you were gone. Teen volunteers will take pictures of the stuffed animal party and musical jam as well as help serve refreshments the following morning. Kids are welcome to take home photos of their stuffed animals.

One afternoon in July and one afternoon in August, the library will host performances and workshops by Delta Music Lessons. Guitar students will perform and teacher Justin Garns will discuss the basics of music theory and literacy. These afternoon workshops are for children ages 9 and older, in collaboration with the teen library program. Sign-ups and your own instrument are required.

Doumbec2To tie in with our summer reading program and this year’s theme, the library welcomes Middle Eastern Music on Fire with Mary Ellen Donald on a weekday afternoon. Mary Ellen will share a variety of Middle Eastern percussion instruments with us and teach us about learning and loving music even when you have a disability. Corresponding, spontaneous dance performance by Allison, the Children’s Librarian is not guaranteed but a definite possibility. A few hip scarves will be provided. This is an event best for kids ages 5-12 and sign-ups are required.

The library is offering a class in Alice 3D animation every Tuesday afternoon in August at 3pm. Kids who sign-up will learn a free and basic storytelling animation program called Alice. They will be able to share their finished stories with their friends and family at the end of the session. This class is best suited for kids ages 9-14, and will advertised in cooperation with the teen department. Teens and younger kids can work together or separately. The classes will be taught by specialist Tamara Helfer from Sequoia Science Education, and supervised by a library staff member. Sign-ups are required and space is limited to 15 students.

From 3-5pm, on the Thursday afternoon before the first day of public school, the Children’s Librarian will host a special ‘Know Your Library’ event and tour. We will discuss how to use the online catalog, get acquainted with some great online research sites, discover the audio/visual department and sift through all those numbers of the Dewey Decimal System… okay, not all, but definitely the most important ones. The research topics we will discuss are ones that local elementary school students can expect to cover during the school year. The first hour will include projects for grades 1-3, and the second hour will be for school projects for 4th and 5th graders. Sign-ups are required and parents are strongly encouraged to attend as well, so that they will also get a preview of what’s to come.

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