March is Women’s History Month, and the library invites boys and girls of all ages to read and learn about some fascinating women from history including Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, Harriet Tubman and many others. We will also explore artwork by Louise Bourgeois. This event will take place on a weekday afternoon and is suitable for all ages. An on-going project will place pictures and children’s writing on the library wall to explore and share women’s history during the month of March.

activities.pettingSpring is here, and the library is having a special nature presentation with the Lindsay Wildlife Museum. We will learn about the birds, rodents and small mammals that are coming out of hibernation around our community. The visiting naturalist will discuss the habitat and diet of different animal ‘guests,’ and talk about how to best interact and relate to these members of the community. This program is appropriate for all ages, but limited in space so we don’t overwhelm the critters. Sign-ups are required.

April is National Poetry Month, so we’ll have a special poetry project activity for our library wall. On three afternoons during the month, kids can come to library to hear poetry read aloud, discuss what they think and feel about the poems they hear and participate in a writing and coloring activity. Poems and illustrations done during this time will go on the library wall, along with dozens of poems written by famous poets. All ages are welcome, and the activity will be facilitated with help from teen volunteers.

Join Cascada de Flores in celebration of Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo holiday. They will share Mexican folk music, dance and stories in this special celebration. This event is perfect for all ages and will finish with a piñata on the library lawn. Teen volunteers will be on-hand to pass out piñata prizes so that everyone gets a share.

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